Trail Cam No. 3 | Day Drunk: Trail Cam No. 3

October 5, 2014

Trail Cam No. 3

Well, I think we can say with confidence who was responsible for the deaths of our chickens! We had heard rumors of this little fox living in the neighborhood, but had yet to see him ourselves. Does catching him on the trail camera count?

I love this picture because if you look closely at the right side of the photo, you can see two glowing eyes staring back. Who could that be? Cat? Coon?

Okay, it's not fair to put all the chicken death blame on the fox. We have a smattering of racoons in the neighborhood as well, including one who once stole our trash and another who I caught peeping in the big picture window the other night. I suppose he could be responsible too.

coon on Make A Gif

I stuck the trail cam a little lower to the ground than last time and was rewarded with captures of the less exotic animals that frequent our yard as well the creatures of the dark. Though I was bummed that a lot of the night pictures came out blurry and a little washed out this time. Oh well. 

This is our rooster, Steve French.

We call this one Pat because we can't tell if he is a boy or a girl yet.

I wonder where I will put the trail cam next!

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