5: The Lamb Roast | Day Drunk: 5: The Lamb Roast

October 26, 2014

5: The Lamb Roast

Last weekend, we hosted a party that featured a thirtieth birthday bash and a whole lamb roasted on a spit. You may not want to look any further if the sight of a whole, skinned ungulate makes you squeamish. It certainly didn't to my friends, who grinned like madmen while they stuffed the beast with seasonal veggies. The only thing they were upset about was that the butcher didn't include the head!

What ensued was a whole lot of eating, dancing, live music provided by Apel and Pellz Bellz, deep frying, day drinking, roasting, and did I mention eating? Because at one point I had to excuse myself from the kitchen because the sight of food was making me queasy. Yes, I was that full. And we have a deep fryer now. What the what?? 

Off the menu: deep fried buffalo Brussels sprouts, Filipino fried rice, pulled pork collard greens, grilled mackerel, chicken and caramelized onion waffles featuring maple sriracha sauce, and oh so many deep fried treats. Oh, and of course our perfectly roasted whole lamb on a spit.

Man, city kids really get after it when you let them loose in the country for the weekend, don't they? 






Friends who kill it at the electric guitar certainly take jamming around the campfire to a new level!

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