April 7, 2014

Trail Cam No. 1

Hey guys, check it out!! We finally caught some action on our trail camera - Okay, it's not the big cat we were looking for, but squirrels and dogs are pretty exciting after four weeks of empty memory cards! 
For those who are unaware, a trail cam is fancy gadget that you leave in the woods tied to a tree that has a motion sensor that activates the camera whenever something passes in front of it. These are the first pictures that the camera has captured. See the squirrel? (bottom right corner) 
Aaaaand this is a dog's back! Which is weird because the trail cam is out in the middle of the woods behind the house. Who's dog is that?? I don't know, but he must be the dog I occasionally hear baying down by the brook. 

We will be checking the camera later this week. I'll let you know what we find!

April 5, 2014

Trip to Tahoe

Dear Zy,

So nice of you to write me a post - it prompted me to write you! Of late, my weekends have mostly consisted of trips to San Francisco. David was in China for three weeks, so I opted to leave the Valley on Fridays and head up to Fog City to stay with friends (to be fair, it has been uncharacteristically unfoggy lately). This weekend David was on your side of the world, and although I longed to be there too, an unexpected visitor shook up my routine and made me glad I had stayed behind.

Our dear friend Nicole, avid snowboarder that she is, was visiting Tahoe for the weekend and asked if I wanted to join. I did! I had never been to Tahoe before, and it was my first chance to see snow this year. Yes, I sometimes miss snow. No, I can't believe it either.

We stayed with some of Nicole's Bay Area friends in a gorgeous house with a hot tub. It reminded me of ski trips to Vermont, only the houses are closer together and there are approximately 1.5 million more people around. 

Of course, I neither ski nor snowboard. I'm mostly in it for the drinking and hot tubbing, so on Saturday I was left to do my own exploring. There were giant pine cones everywhere. 

And I took a day hike that gave me great views of Lakes Tahoe, Cascade and Fallen Leaf. 

I do miss you guys terrible. But weekends like this remind me that I'm lucky to be in such a marvelous place. Someday we'll all explore it together!

Love and miss you,