The Hike to Prospect Rock | Day Drunk: The Hike to Prospect Rock

October 11, 2014

The Hike to Prospect Rock

The other day, finding ourselves with a rare few hours free before sunset, we figured we ought to take advantage of the peak season currently upon us in Vermont. So we descended like a flurry upon Manchester towards the Prospect Rock trailhead with hopes that we could beat the evening to the summit.

With energetic purpose, we hit the trail only to be shortly reminded that the trail is properly labeled "strenuous". However, the info sign at the beginning of the hike said the scant three miles to the top and back would take three hours and being worried that we wouldn't beat the setting sun we continued to rush to the top.

In our zeal, we trotted right on past the spur trail to the massive rock that overlooks Manchester Valley. We probably would have hiked straight through to Canada if a polite sign 500 yards ahead hadn't told us to turn back, but we eventually found the not-so-hidden path that led to the Prospect Rock lookout.

It turns out that it didn't take us one and a half hours to hike one and a half miles, which was not at all surprising. In fact, it only took us a half hour. They must have included the extra time because they knew once we saw the view we would never want to leave.

Sadly, the sun was setting somewhere behind the valley and the view was a bit obscured by shadows, but it was still a stunning view. It's hard to believe that we've been in Vermont for over a year and there are still so many awesome local hikes. Hopefully we will get in one or two more before the snow comes!


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Just found your blog!!! love love love it!

    1. You are the best! Thank you for reading and commenting - it totally made my morning! Cheers!