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October 18, 2014

5: Swans-a-Swimming

Actually, it was more like ten swans-a-swimming. And to get even more technical, it was a Mute Swan mom and dad plus their very impressive brood of eight teenagers. So cute! Would you believe that this little familial unit lives in right in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts? 

These ten swans are very tenderly cared for by the man whose pond they live in. It's actually a really small pond, so he supplements their diet when the algae becomes thin and he even goes so far as to feed the resident snapping turtles as well so they don't become tempted to eat the cygnets in their vulnerable stages. And so eight healthy adult swans will enter the urban ecosystem because of him. That's love.

Mute Swans and are considered an exotic and introduced species to North America.


Swans mate for life.

This swan is "busking", which means that it is adopting a defensive stance with wings half-raised and hissing at me to go away so his family can eat peacefully.


Mute Swans are known for being quieter than other species of swans. They whistle, snort, and grunt to communicate.

Swans are very aggressive. They have knobby spurs in their wings called cobs which they will use to attack and defend their territory.

Because swans are really epic creatures and when you see ten of them all together you can't stop taking pictures.

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