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October 7, 2014

5: Underwater Photos

Since it is dreary and chilly today in Vermont and swimming season is quickly becoming quaint nostalgia for me, I want to share my 5 favorite underwater photos taken this year. I used AGP's  FujiFilm FinePix XP60 (in black), which is waterproof, freeze proof, shock proof, and sand proof. All in all, a perfect adventure camera! (Even if it doesn't take the greatest overall photos - which is why you might notice some of my most recent pictures are kind of grainy).

Swimming with a camera is such a novel (and stressful) experience. I still can't simply plop it down in a stream or lake without thinking, is this really okay?!? But I do anyway. Underwater photos, away!

Finding crawdads in northern streams is my jam. This little guy tried to hide, but I caught him (on film) anyway. Freshwater crustaceans? Just about the coolest. 

 Lily pads from underneath. I love the colors here.

I became obsessed with snapping the perfect half/half shot. This one of lily pads and evergreens is my favorite.

Another half/half shot of AGP's dad in his beloved row boat. 

 This shot is me underwater looking up. A natural fish eye effect!

Note: all of these photos were taken at the pond!

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