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December 9, 2014

Karl Comes to Cupertino: A Thanksgiving Visitor

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Zy! Our holiday in San Francisco was festive, full of food and friends. We had an SND-worthy potluck (I made green bean casserole à la Daring Gourmet) and we even got a special guest for the weekend. Brittany Whitaker just moved to California and has been staying with us the last few days.

That's us, all warm in our fuzzies because Karl the Fog also decided this is a great time to visit Cupertino. It finally rained (here and pretty much everywhere in California). Not enough to ease the drought, but enough to finally provide some relief to the parched earth. What a nice change of pace from our usual mild and sunny environs. 

Indoor activities are more suitable at the moment. These days are perfect for mulled wine, board games and puzzles -- all things I know you enjoy. I suppose you indulged in those things yourself at the Friendsgiving gathering last weekend. Wish we could've been there with all of you but at least we'll see you soon. Will you pick up a new puzzle? We can do it together when you get here.

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  1. Nessa!! Thank you for the post. SUPER jealous you get to hang out with Britt... I was wishing she was with US during Thanksgiving! Stay dry... and I'll keep you updated on Arnold Statue.