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December 7, 2014

Picspam: Hapgood Pond in the Snow

Hapgood Pond Recreation Area, located within the Green Mountain National Forest in Peru, Vermont, is me and AGP's go to nature trail in our area. Whenever we can't cross the brook, but feel a hankering to stretch our legs, we take the short trip to Peru to walk the one mile nature trail there. It's definitely an easy little walk, but there is a lot to see and explore all season long. And in the summer it's a great place to camp, swim, and BBQ!

So with the brook raging and a foot of fresh snow on the ground, we figured we'd take a chilly little stroll around the pond and soak up the winter wonderland while it was still novel. Take a stroll around Hapgood Pond in the snow with us...

Wish you were here?

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