Trail Cam No. 4 | Day Drunk: Trail Cam No. 4

November 30, 2014

Trail Cam No. 4

It's too bad that my coveted game trail position proved fruitless. My zeal for mysterious animal captures was a bit too much, I guess, because I probably should have left it in the woods for longer than one week! Oh well, better luck next time.

So the trail cam sat around the house for a bit before finding a home in the yard, ripe to capture all the comings and goings of a closing of a season. Good timing too, because right now I'm looking out at a foot of fresh powder - screaming, no more yard work for months!

The fox has been back lately, but it is undecided if he is the culprit behind the tussle Tina got into a few weeks ago. She's okay though, and I have my money on an owl attack.

Do you like our goose head puppet? It's part of a much larger costume, a sort of mascot for our group of friends and our beloved band, The Goosepimp Orchestra. We are the keepers of the sacred costume these days.

And of course there is the ever present Miss Phyllis, whose supple coat keeps her frolicking deep into the colder weather. She's the softest cat ever, you know. Such a cutie.

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