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November 11, 2014

Morning Over Mono: A Poem

Life subaqueous, beneath Lake Mono
In hypersaline stream's end hydro
Precipitation in silhouette
From fresh water springs, spires beget

The western watchmen, Sierra Nevada
Keeping watch on solvent aqua
Lest the Angels whisk it away  
Long live Mono! is what we'll say

But tufa castles still impress
By dwindling waters, lightly dressed
For admiration, lens and eye
The craggy forest and lightened sky

A desert oasis in Mono Basin
Offers parched landscape hydration
Perched aside three ninety five
The sky and ground and lake's alive

Welcome day to Mono's shores
To obelisks of lacustrine ores
And gradients of sunrise drama
The tufa towers in panorama

Daylight glints on softened water
A magnum builder, sculptor, salter
Rejoicing in the sun, awake
The salted banks of Mono Lake
Boy! Writing scientifically and geologically themed poems is hard! I hope this one does the trick. I'll try to elaborate more on the astounding nature of Mono Lake soon. If you are interested in learning a bit more about hypersaline lakes, check out my post on The Great Salt Lake in Utah

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