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October 8, 2013

Ready, Set, Tulsa! > Photo-an-Hour

Nessa and I chronicled our epic 25-hour non-stop road trip from Vermont to our first destination in Tulsa, Oklahoma by taking a photo every hour... some are pathetic attempts to snap a shot from inside a moving vehicle, others are actually kind of cool. Please kindly mind the delirium. Onward!

1pm EST, Vermont > A rainy start to the trip.
2pm EST, New York > Glamorous, blurry, overcast fields.
3pm EST, New York > 151 miles down, 1,300 miles to go!
4pm EST, New York > More rain.
5pm EST, New York > Kale chips!!!
6pm EST, New York > To read or to stare out the window?
7pm EST, New York > Then the sun begins to set on us.
8pm EST, Pennsylvania > And the pretty lights come out to play.
9pm EST, Ohio > Time for coffee.
10pm EST, Ohio > Things will start to get weird.
10pm EST, Ohio > Construction zone in the distance or the depths of hell?
11pm EST, Ohio > Refuel.
12am EST, Ohio > The lights all began to melt.
1am EST, Indiana > Lost in highway hypnosis.
2am EST, Indiana > A very hasty packing job.
3am EST, Indiana > Still got my hands on the wheel.
4am EST, Indiana > Let go of the focus and blur out all the line.
4am CST, Illinois > 4am... again.
5am CST, Illinois > Stay focused, Zy.
6am CST, Missouri > Finally! A sign that points to Tulsa!
7am CST, Missouri > The long awaited glimpse of sun.
8am CST, Missouri > The sunrise chased us for a loooong time.
9am CST, Missouri > You know we stopped at Waffle House.
10am CST, Missouri > Ozark descent.
11am CST, Missouri > I'm about all out of captions... and energy.
12pm CST, Oklahoma! > So close I can taste it.

1pm CST, Oklahoma > Blue Dome District, Tulsa!

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