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November 18, 2014

Esty Faves No. 1

I am going to try something new today and share some of my favorite recent Etsy finds. I have been obsessed with browsing Etsy for Christmas presents, me presents, and for general inspiration lately. For whatever reason, I actually have a lot of Etsy followers. (That's a thing, right?) Now, if only I could get some followers on this blog, I would be a happy, happy lady!

Click the pics to get whisked back to the original Etsy listing. Tell them Zy sent you!

This bag is beautiful and affordable. I would rock this all summer long. (Hello Violeta)

Cat + Cactus = Yes, please! Where can I get one of these in real life? (Oh wait, Phyllis is rather prickly, so I guess that counts). I love all the linocuts by (minouette).

As a geologist, I super adore this tee shirt. People would be able to easily tell I am an awesome nerd with great taste. (Nonfictiontees)

Which would be better? A Canadian map with all the places I've been pinned, or with all the places I want to go? I know - both! (Cabin)
Vintage paintings remastered with mythical creatures would be the perfect addition to my collection of creature paintings. I would love to do this to a landscape we have downstairs, but (Artedits) does it way better than I could. This little monster's name is Norman, by the way. 

I could definitely picture myself drinking coffee out of this handmade copper mug. From Mesopotamia, with love. (AnatolianGift)

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