Getting Rustic in Maine | Day Drunk: Getting Rustic in Maine

September 10, 2014

Getting Rustic in Maine

I'm back from Maine, ya'll! And while it wasn't Burning Man (*cries*), it was still a fun little getaway. In fact, it was probably the opposite of Burning Man, what with the no electricity, people, parties, etc., we had going on.

AGP and I pretty much just wandered around the pond soaking in all the pre-fall niceties with a couple other Pond-ers. And we of course had a candlelit party or two.

One of the more exciting parts of the short week we were there was the MASSIVE yellow foot chanterelle patch we found while bushwhacking through an unexplored area of the forest. It was pretty jaw dropping to be surrounded by so many tasty mushrooms. I'll tell you more about my foraging adventures very soon!

We also took a sweet hike to the "Moss Forest", which as you can guess, is carpeted in moss. And considering we are in New England and not the Pacific Northwest, it's a pretty stunning sight.

After our pond sojourn we headed west to see the Goosepimp Orchestra and Apel play a small festival in Harmony, Maine. And despite the fact that the festival was pretty much empty of festival-goers, we had a good time getting private concerts and hanging around in abandoned campers. Yes, you heard that right. Eventually we escaped the fest for some nearby cabins and relaxed on the Kennebec River instead of staying to party enough lonely night! Such a good idea!

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