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September 13, 2014

High Times in the Sierras

We missed you at Burning Man, Zy! I'm still trying to process that lawless week in the desert. When I do, I'll definitely share pics, stories and observations with you.

I feel like we were just at Forecastle. Before that excursion to the South, we had the pleasure of attending our first music festival on the West Coast -- High Sierra in Quincy, CA.

Quincy is supposed to be 4.5 hours from us. Traffic lagged from here to Sacramento, but the minute the highway was behind us I remembered why I came. Festivals mean freedom. And frankly that drive through the mountains was worth the price of admission.

We didn't have cell phone service (always a good sign), but luckily our friends walked right in front of us as soon as we entered the fairgrounds. Festivals are usually serendipitous that way. We camped on Hillside, an apt name for our steep surroundings. Our tent was at an angle and we had to take frequent breaks when walking up late-night. But the gorgeous trees provided shade as well as scenery.

We were able to shower every day -- a festival rarity and a major plus since the temp reached 95 every day. One night we saw Beats Antique on the Vermont Stage (yay!) followed by a late-night Lettuce set. Each morning, the revelers last standing would play a rowdy game of kickball. There was a parade every afternoon. And everyone was so nice!

High Sierra was everything we like in our festivals. Lazy days and silly nights surrounded by friends. A great time and a perfect start to festival season.

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