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August 20, 2014

Life in the Forest


Did you know that it has been just about ONE YEAR since we made the big move from urban homelessness to our rural Vermont house? Time flies when you are having fun, especially in the summer and especially when your life feels like a perennial adventure without ever having to leave the house!

I spent today in the garden doing what little tasks I could to juice a little fervor into the soil. Seasoned gardeners, please look away -- this novice had quite a bit of trouble her first time around. And who knew that it wouldn't be because I bit off more than I could chew?! But I guess that's how gardening goes, right? A LOT of trial and error and sweat and heart until one day I am looking back at this first year going: "What was I thinking?!"

That's not to say that it has been a complete disaster. We lost a lot of time to our "lasagna" style beds, which apparently gets persnickety if not done properly. The pretty little beds we labored over all spring failed us on several occasions, leaving us with sad looking plants with just enough energy to give us one or two little fruits. Which is pretty sad consider how much love I gave to these plants I grew from seed!

Heirloom cherry tomatoes
I love Johnny's Selected Seeds.

But you better believe I'm not giving up yet! Today I threw some new, autumn hardy seeds into some of the reworked beds and into the cold frame and you know, not everything looks terrible. I harvested some gorgeous garlic and some turnips and there is a lot of tomatoes, peas, and beans on the vine that make me think I will have a handy, late bounty.

Look! A carrot!

Otherwise it has been a calm and beautiful summer here in ole VT. We discovered that our basement bedroom has a yucky mold problem which has vacated us to a tent in the yard! Tina struggled with a bladder infection for a while, but is thankfully faring much better and is on the last doses of her antibiotics - which, by the way, I have to squeeze down her throat twice a day!
Tina is not upset that the doctor also prescribed her more milk and wet food to combat her bladder crystals.

We have been doing some AWESOME late summer foraging (lots of chanterelles!! - more on that later) and all the pretty flowers are in bloom.
Helleborine: New England's only non-native orchid
Great Spangled Fritillary on flowering peppermint
More beautiful borage

Oh! And those silly chickens are getting bigger but staying just as silly. This little bastard keeps escaping the coop!

Soooo... that's summer in Vermont in a nutshell. Lots of woodsy adventures, growing things, and enjoying the weather while we got it. I may not have lived in the country for long, but I really think I am getting the hang of it. I had a most bucolic thought today as the sunshine brought another dose of mild weather: "Time to put the laundry on the line!"

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