Dorset Quarry | Day Drunk: Dorset Quarry

September 12, 2013

Dorset Quarry

On a hot, balmy September day in Vermont, when you and your friends have nothing better to do, why not head to the local swimming hole to cool off? In a town not far from where I live, we found the Dorset Quarry, which is not only America's oldest marble quarry, but is also in the town where the first notions of a state of Vermont were sprung from the mind grapes of those who wished neither to live in New York or New Hampshire in 1776. The creation of Vermont's Constitution in 1791 welcomed this little slice of heaven into the union as the 14th state. 

Either way, Dorset Quarry (no longer a working quarry since it is filled in with spring water) seems to be THE spot to hit up on a hot, lazy day. And the spot for crazy kids to go and do scary flips off of. I'm not entirely in to doing the nutty flips or even taking a plunge from higher than ten feet, but it's always fun to watch other people cheat death.

However, this fearless, bearded man loves it.

I hung back from all the gut-wrenching excitement to take pictures of my feet.

My friend Nessa was there too. She came up from Boston to enjoy our new house for a couple of days. Actually, Nessa and I are on our way to California soon!

We finished off the day with some Ben and Jerry's ice cream, several rounds of beer pong in the front yard, then card games by candle light after a thunderstorm killed our power for the night. Typical Vermont shenanigans.

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