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May 18, 2013

Lightning Strikes

Maybe once, maybe twice? Or in our case, all night long! 

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We have been having some pretty intense weather around these parts of South Dakota! Last night it nearly rained an inch!! That is a pretty profound amount for an area suffering from a relatively severe drought. We were also afflicted with very gusty winds and lots of thunder and lightning. It looks like there's a little more on the way over the next couple of days as well, so I hope our newest tomato transplants make it through okay!

Last night's spectacular lightning show was actually a pretty intense experience. With our tiny house perched on the crest of a hill, I found it difficult to tell if we were actually in any danger or not! Severe thunderstorms on the prairie are nothing to scoff at-- loud, unpredictable, and intimidating, that's for sure-- and it definitely is an extreme way to experience some jaw-dropping action. Lightning bolts were striking the ground all around us for the better part of the night. What a thrill!!

I tried to snag some cool pictures of the bolts, but the strong winds and the sense of impending doom kind of messed with my concentration. I did get some cool shots of things being lit up by the epic blasts of light. Please mind that I am a pretty inexperienced photographer and that I was making changes with the settings quite frantically and moving around a lot.

I did manage to grab at least one blurry bolt. Maybe tonight will prove more fruitful!

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