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May 19, 2013

Kitty Pile!

Living in a house with three playful, soft kitties is pretty much a dream come true for me. I scoop up these little babies every chance I get and smother them with kisses. This morning I found them engaged in the world's cutest kitten pile with their mother, Kristen.

Kitties from left to right: LeBron, Skyler, Katie.
Mama Kristen

Kristen is an amazingly cute and attentive mother. She dutifully follows them around, showering them with licks and kisses. She is quite chatty as well. If she's not sleeping, you can hear her chirping, squawking, and purring and making sure that all three are somewhere nearby. Or begging for food, because of course, mothering is quite hard and makes you very hungry!

The kitties themselves are pretty typical wee babes. They flop around and chew on each others necks and tails, constantly squeaking and getting into trouble chasing all the big cat's tails! With the exception of Vinny the orange cat, all of the other cats are perfectly terrified of these petite creatures!

Irresistibly cute!

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