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April 17, 2015

SPRING!! Crocuses + Tussilago

Spring is life. And spring is FINALLY HERE!

Spring comes late to my part of Vermont. Especially this year since we've received the most snowfall in the country. Especially when you live in a valley inside a valley like I do. You know, where all the cold air goes to linger. 

But, at last, the snow is just beginning to recede from the yard and like a beacon of hope for many happy spring days to come, my crocuses have bloomed! Crocuses are my favorite spring flower. They are just such a cheerful spot of color in the groggy moments of a landscape awakening. 

I planted these crocus blubs last fall and it's awesome to see them popping up! I can't wait to plant more this year. 

Another sure sign of spring in Vermont is the emergence of tussilago, a wildflower also known as coltsfoot. I'll admit, I might have done a little happy dance when I first spotted these babies.

Like spring, Day Drunk is coming back with more travel stories, spring adventures, and other exciting tales!

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