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July 23, 2014

Open Spaces

Sweet trail cam, Zy! Vermont is a wild and untamed place. We saw some wildlife recently too. Because it's so nice out (80deg and no humidity!) we've been trying to get in as many hikes and bike rides as possible. A short ride away is the McClellan Ranch Preserve, a beautiful spot that is just teeming with deer.

McCllean is only three minutes from the house, and there's a pool -- one of few local options for swimming.

It's crazy to see snow in your pics! I can't imagine such precipitation. The weather has been like this since December.

Which is fine with me, but not good at all for the ongoing drought. That charming little body of water there is Horseshoe Lake, part of the Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve. Skyline is reachable by bike, if you're an expert who doesn't mind sharing the curvy road with speeding sports car enthusiasts. 

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is a much more reasonable ride. Plus, it offers an even better view of Silicon Valley than Rancho. 

We're doing well on our quest to visit all 26 preserves! I'll keep you updated on our progress. How are your own local explorations going? Show me that moose pic!

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