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March 7, 2013

Updated: About Zy

(Hey guys! I updated the 'About' section of my blog. I thought I might devote a post to it to make myself seem cool and intriguing. You can view the actual page by clicking 'About' in the page list above.)

How nice it is to have an outlet to talk all about myself! I can’t wait until people actually start visiting my blog and (possibly) liking what I have to say! If you have gotten to this page and are voluntarily reading more about me- THANK YOU! Drop a line so we can chat. I honestly love friends and I do not have very many on the internet (read: zero). It would be peachy if you like some of the things that I like. Read on to see if we will be great friends!

 photo meabout_zpsec6bae2a.png
(This is me. I am really good at being un-photogenic, rocking a shorts tan in the summer, mixing up the passive and active voice, wearing flannel, taking shitty pictures, and dressing in ways that don't flatter my body shape.)

My name is Kate Zy and I have freshly turned 26. I am a geologist by education and by trade, although I have left that career to try a more alternative lifestyle, which, for now, equals me and my boyfriend (the super handsome AGP) living in a warehouse and building a tiny house on a trailer.

 photo IMG_5688_zpsfdaf3c00.jpg
(I am also really good at wearing leggings as pants.)

After five years of the corporate grind, this is a welcome reprieve, and it leaves plenty of time for me to work on my hobbies, discover my true passions, sleep in, and have a blast on my day-to-day. I have started this blog as a retrospective journal on most-to-all of the wild adventures I have been on. For many years, I have let archives of awesome photos pile up on my hard drive and have rarely shared them with anyone! Now I want to share them with you!

 photo iceland-1.png
(Like circumnavigating Iceland and hiking on glaciers.)

The name of the blog, Day Drunk, is not just about partying and drinking (although you will definitely hear about that!). It is about seizing the day and filling it to the brim with delightful adventures, experiences, and people, then drinking that foaming life-broth down! Day Drunk is as much sharing my super adventures with the world as it is inspire me to keep making those adventures, keep being happy, and keep on being inspired.

 photo partying_zps71e26f68.jpg
(Having silly, awesome, and numerous friends helps keep the life-cup frothing (photo by FAB, wildness inspired by Apel Beats))

So yea, I LOVE to travel, mostly by car and by camping, but I will jump on an airplane from time to time. I am obsessed with super flat places, super salty places, super remote places, super backwoods places, and super cold places. I have lofty travel aspirations including all 50 states, all ten Canadian provinces and three territories, all US National Parks, and a host of other random things like ‘See a tornado’ and ‘Visit Antarctica’. I cross new things off of my list every year.

I am crazy in love with my cat, Phyllis, who I adopted from the streets as a tiny, tiny kitten. She is incredibly soft and pretty and has had my heart on lock-down since we met five years ago. As a matter of fact, I am crazy in love with all cats and dogs and any animal that I can give kisses to and some of the ones I cannot.

 photo 20090225.png
(She is the #1 cutest cat alive and she smells really good usually)

I also play volleyball, read, attend music festivals, draw, play cat’s cradle, make my own felt Settlers of Catan boards, cook and bake and eat, drive my Subaru, do handstands, daydream, garden, and watch the X-Files. 

What do you like to do?

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