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October 14, 2013

Folsom Street Fun

I'd like to start by apologizing for my lack of photos in this post. Perhaps I was still fatigued from me and Zy's 25-hour photo project. Perhaps it was because I only had my fancy phone and no real camera in my possession. Perhaps it's because I was slightly intoxicated. Whatever the reason, I took almost no pictures at Folsom this year, although other people took pictures of me.

 And this girl, Jezi who asked me to "model" with her. Hmmm...

So my apologies but you will have to use your imaginations! And deal with my hastily downloaded pics from Google Images.
Honestly this pretty much sums it up.

Dpel and I went up to the big city a couple of weeks ago for our annual visit to the Folsom Street Fair. It is very telling that some San Franciscans found this year's Folsom Street Fair to be more "tame" than in the past. Tame?! Half the things I saw there are illegal in Massachusetts. What does one say about an event like this? It is so stereotypical San Francisco. This one-day kinkfest is the largest leather event in the world and a celebration of all things fetish. Pony-play, role-play, flogging, furries, leather...drag queens...

I would just like to take a minute to say how much I love drag queens. LOVE THEM.
Especially this one.From

We were a smaller group this year. Myself, DPel, Royal Dan and two recently married friends of Royal's who had never been to the fair before (Ali and  Gav). He was incredibly curious to see their reactions. We donated our $10 and proceeded to the beer line. This is a place where day drinking is strongly encouraged. This is because Folsom takes on a different tone as the day goes on. Things get way weirder.

Of course, there is plenty to see from the start. People-watching is one of the great joys of Folsom. I mean, at what other event in the country is 85 percent of the crowd dressed like this?
Seriously, only in San Francisco.From by Thomas Hawk

Immediately upon leaving the beer line, we stopped to watch the public lashing of a woman tied to a tree. Her flogger was a bear-like man wearing only leather pants and a mask. And possibly a smile. At the stage we saw a man get his nipples and anus tased by three dominatrices in various states of undress. An electronic dance party was rocking like it was Friday night instead of a sunny Sunday afternoon. Overt sex acts are verboten at Folsom, but we still caught a gay couple on a rooftop flagrantly ignoring that rule. Through it all, Ali and Gav were slightly stunned, but stoic.

Time for more beers. One of the best beer stores in San Fran is located right in the middle of the madness. We ladies waited outside to avoid the lines. Suddenly we were accosted.

"Heeeeyyyy!" screeched a drunk girl in a lacy corset that squeezed her breasts right up to her chin. She put her arms around Ali, my new companion. "I've been looking for a woman like you all day long." And then she put her butt firmly in Ali's crotch.

And what did Ali do? She twerked the hell out of that girl. And this is why we day drink at Folsom.

Royal flogging Gav. Royal got a flogging of his own shortly thereafter.

Why do we enjoy this so much? Maybe it's the open expression of sexuality, the freedom you feel that makes Folsom so special. People are into some weird shit and that's awesome. If it's not for you, don't do it. And if it is, do it open and often. 

Also we once saw a man get peed on here. On a stage. Fact.

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